Myocardial torsion

    Anatomo-functional interpretation of cardiac mechanics

    Myocardial Torsion is a book different from others, simply because this book is unique, unusual, and I dare say with admiration, it is a curious book, partly magical, full of personality, for initiatory readers, revealing, provocative, challenging. The book has the infrequent peculiarity of being based, to a great extent, on original personal and multidisciplinary investigations, granting it an important extra value. The authors define their purpose since the firsts pages of the book: to provide solidity, validity and even more to Torrent Guasps concepts.
    This is certainly a different book in its structure, content and elaboration. It is a text that the reader may admire or criticize, that may create skepticism or surprise at the new data it propose, but wich undoudtedly will leavenobody indifferent, and that is something few books can achieve.

    Prof. Miguel Ángel García Fernández
    Department of Medicine,
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

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    Sobre Jorge Carlos Trainini (Escritor)

    • Jorge Carlos Trainini
      Cirujano cardiovascular. Doctor en Medicina. Miembro de la Academia Nacional de Cirugía. Exdirector Ejecutivo del Hospital Presidente Perón. Creador y exjefe del Servicio de Cirugía Cardíaca en ese hospital. Exdirector del Consejo de Cirugía Cardíaca de la Sociedad Argentina de C... Ver más sobre el autor

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